The word puffy resembles a cloud.  Something that is comforting and relaxing.  The puffy mattress exactly describes the feeling that the mattress provides to different kind of sleepers.  The comfy and relaxing feeling when sleeping with Puffy mattress is actually experienced by Puffy users.

Puffy is one of the most popular brands of mattresses in the mattress industry.  It is best designed to provide users a good sleep no matter what the kind of sleeping he/she has.  Established in 2016, the Puffy mattress has been making serious in providing people the good sleep they are looking for in mattresses. 

The puffy mattress features an all-foam construction with three layers.  It is designed to give coolness and comfort when sleeping.  The light to medium weight sleepers truly benefit with Puffy mattress.  If you are also a back sleeper who needs to balance comfort and support, the puffy mattress could also be a good choice. To know more about The ONLY Puffy Mattress Review You Will Ever Need to Read! – Sleep Reality, visit this hyperlink site.

Puffy Mattress Reviews: The firmness of the mattress

Firmness and the good feeling the mattress could offer are usually the things that customers are looking for.  The puffy mattress is close to a 7/10.  The comfort layer is soft and thin.  If you tend to lie on Puffy mattress, you might observe its comfort layers and the support layers, making it confident for you in lying on the all-foam constructed mattress.

The feeling when back sleeping

When you sleep on your back with puffy mattress, you could feel the balance and support.  Your hips would not sink due to its transition layer.  The top memory foam layer also provides nice contouring which facilitates every shape of your body.

Since it is an all-foam constructed mattress, this may not suit to side sleepers as it may put tension or pressure on the shoulder, however, if you are a combined sleeper whose body tends to move around when sleeping, Puffy mattress could bring you to a satisfying sleep.