It is irrefutable that short curly hair enhances one’s looks and appearance to a great extent. Such hairstyles look amazing, but at the same time, curly hairs require the most maintenance and are immensely difficult to be managed. One of the most common issues faced by women with such hair is frizzy hair. It is quite irritating, but you can solve it by using a hair diffuser.

A hair diffuser can be attached to the hair blower and is quite effective in removing the hair frizz. It adds some volume to your hair and makes your hairstyle look better. If you haven’t used a diffuser before and are confused about how to use a diffuser on short curly hair, then you must read the tips mentioned below.

Hydrate your hair

The first step to use a diffuser on your short hairs is hair hydration. You must wet your hair by getting a nice shower. You must apply a conditioner to them as it will moisturize your hair properly. Once you have washed your hair, you must use a wide-tooth comb on them gently. Comb them before they get dry, as it will increase the risk of damaging them. To learn more about best volume mousse for fine hair, visit on hyperlinked site.

Wrap your hair

After having a shower, you need to use a cotton cloth and wrap your hair with it after squeezing out the excess water. Avoid rubbing your curls with the cloth as it will damage them. Once you are done with it, you can detangle all the knots and start forming curls with your fingers. It will provide you long-lasting curls.

Use the diffuser

It is the most last and most important step of using the diffuser. You must ensure that your hairs are around 70% dries before using the diffuser. Now pull a section of your hair in the diffuser and turn it on. You can put the diffuser around your curls and push them into it. It will help you to get more natural curls.