His And Her Promise Rings

During a proposal, an individual promises another individual with the matching promise rings for couples in a kneeling posture. They make a promise their love that this is the ring of happiness. The happiness that will be given as a never-ending love just like this ring which has no end expresses that my love towards you will never end. Valentines day week are celebrated all over the world gloriously.

And we all know a relationship needs love, affection, trust, and care towards your passion is a promise that you make it on a promising day by holding each other’s hand is the belief that you can give them. Wedding, it’s a special occasion for the marring couples, this is the stage where they both are going to lead a new journey of life. 

Evolution of couple rings 

In the olden days, the rings which were designed for couples was all of the same structure, and they were entirely hand made and are designed in various fonts and styles. They create in a way where there are images of a man and women moulded in it. People in the past ages use rings during the marriage ceremony, and there were designed in a manner where diamonds was kept in the ring and moulded it to get a lovely ornament. If you are more curious about promise rings for couples then you can learn more about it on www.urcouple.com.

In each tradition, each kind of designs is made according to their cast and culture. In olden days, the rules were followed strictly. The couples were mostly designed in copper, silver, gold and platinum. Where platinum is one of the costliest jewels in olden days. There were puzzle placed jewels in the couple rings and heart-shaped couple rings. The couples rings are changed to each other. To exclaim about their relationship with the families and people. To proclaim that are living a life together as husband and wife.