Hijab A Bottom-Up Diffusion Of Fashion

Connection with each other today can be done already through social media platforms and a blink of an eye you and I can be an influence or influence. Social media provides us a limitless idea in such a short period which can diffuse all the information of all the things that surround you. Fashion influencer all over the world provides a ton of various images and portraits in which fashion can be done even if conformity of traditions is there. Hijab is one of the examples presented as a way of fashionable accessory which is adapted by the modern outfit.

The prose on such fashionable takings of the hijab measures that they can be interpreted as a form of women empowerment. In which a great influence indeed in non-Muslim woman to have a headscarf representing as one of the hijabs to veil her with power and greatness. Such adaptation can be categorized into two representation: hijab as a religious symbol, and the hijab as a fashion representation of empowerment.

Today, considering hijab as a fashion phenomenon to women that admires greatness and empowerment which is adapted also in different modern outfits. Such adaptations also talk about the rise of several areas about Muslim youth in which global likeness of youth is using social media to connect. Bottom-up diffusion of fashion with hijab relies on a different perspective from hijab to abaya and kaftan.

According to conformity and culture, Muslim women’s veil appears in plenty of styles coinages, compressed in a certain cultural portrait. Thus, fashion history and the dynamic style create a diffusion of fashion. In such practice and approach of this cultural context through such an attitude that shows their cool, fashionable approach on hijab by fusing it with a prominent abaya and kaftan.