Get To Know More About Linear Bearings

I am amazed on how science plays very important role in almost all the products of technology that we now commonly used. In our houses, we have different kinds of appliances and gadgets that make our daily lives better and convenient. In our offices, schools, and other establishments, there are lots of things that we see and sometimes we wonder how these inventions were created. For all the machines, there are underlying principles in it that make it work. Even for sliding doors, the mechanism of linear bearings that make it move can have different types, too.

Roller element bearing

This is probably the linear bearing that is common to most of us. This type of bearing has four components and these are the inner race, outer race, rolling element, and cage. Once these components function together, they provide support and guidance to the sliding doors. This type is for metal to metal to contact.

Plain bearing

This is the type that can be subdivide into bronze bearing and plastic bearings. This is only used for light loads. This is also much cheaper compared to the roller element bearing, however, never attempt to have this installed if the load is heavy. Get more interesting details about linear bearings on

Ball bearing slide

This type of linear bearing actually provides the lowest friction on all types of linear bearings. The reason for this is that the elements of this type are separated from one another. These elements are not required to turn corners and that is why not much of friction is necessary.

Dovetail slide

This type is the one that can support high loads and must be manually operated. Automation is not possible for this one. This linear rail is used on places for the purpose of rigid mounting, positioning of equipment, and tooling and instrumentation.