Did you know that lipolasers have paddles? These paddles have a bunch of diodes perfectly suited for each. The main advantage of lipolaser LED machine is that it can be measured into three components. First, you can measure how many are the existing number of paddles and how many number of paddles could be added. Second, you can measure how many are the number of diodes in each paddle. Lastly, you can measure how deep is the penetration of the diodes which can be measured particularly by its wavelengths.

It is very understandable that the overall goodness of a lipolaser LED machine highly depends on the quality and number of the paddles. Many practitioners recommend to  initially start with the minimum number of four paddles. Each of these paddles must deeply penetrate the diodes. Moreover, managing paddles is not easy as pie while you are having a laser session. For this reason, top companies across the world started to manufacture larger paddles so it can cover wider area as quick as possible.

Larger paddles can also keep you away from the stress of managing smaller paddles. There is a difference between lasett pads and paddles. The fluency of each paddle must be distributed in a uniform manner while penetrating the skin. At the same, the uniform distribution of diodes is also essential when analyzing how good is the performance of a lipolaser LED machine.

One of the crucial factor to consider when looking a lipolaser LED machine is the number of diodes and the capability of its penetration. The wavelength of the modern lipolaser LED machine is normally measured through nanometers or nm in symbol. This measure usually appear per paddle. The normal penetration of diodes ranges between 670 nm up to 635 nm.

Further, you have to be aware that your safety is at stake when using lipolaser LED machine due to its harmful radiation. So, it is important to cool paddles for you to avoid injuries particularly bruises on your body incase of overheating. Many modern paddles have cooling features that are already built in. Companies manufactured paddles with cooling system in order to prevent overheating.