With everyone in the world finally experiencing the first stages of global warming, a lot of companies are now looking for alternative solutions to ensure that our planet will recover. According to a study done in 2017, there are at least 1 million plastic bottles that are being thrown away every single minute. What’s worse is that by 2021, some experts believed that the amount of water bottles thrown away will increase by 20%. It’s a very scary fact that’s becoming true, and will eventually lead to something worse than global warming: climate change.

However, our dependence on water is a natural process that our body needs in order to survive. As we go out in our homes, we tend to find a good source of water to prevent us from getting dehydrated so then we can go on with our lives. As a result, there are convenience stores and some shops around the world who are selling water in plastic bottles so then we can just drink the water out of it and then dispose of the bottle afterwards.

However, this very convenient solution eventually became a problem due to our carelessness in the environment, added up by our ever-increasing population, this increasing the need to produce more water bottles. What’s worse is that we cannot reuse the water bottle anymore as plastic contains harmful chemicals that may mix up with water if the bottle is being used over a long period of time, hence the reason why these are disposable in the first place.

A Great Solution To Help Save The Planet

To prevent this, there is a company named CamelBak who has decided to develop an eco-friendly solution to at least reduce the usage of plastic bottles. They have created custom CamelBak water bottles as a solution to finally prevent the dependence of using water bottles, and for people to just bring their own bottles that they can refill at any given time.

These bottles are also made with safe materials that are friendly towards nature and to our bodies so then we can use it for the several years to come. It’s truly an amazing solution that can at least help reduce the millions of bottles being thrown everyday so then our planet can finally recover from the damage that we have done, while keeping our thirst quenched no matter what we do everyday.